How to Implement Best Marketing Tactics Without a Budget

It goes without saying that if you have a business, you must spend some dollars on advertising to attract ideal clients. Businesses such as Sanford Towing Service spend on various platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram to attract the most qualified leads. However, there are those times where you will not always have free dollars to commit to marketing. In such a case, it doesn’t mean your business will not be put in front of ideal customers. In such a case, you can utilize free marketing tactics as discussed below.


Improve your content marketing

Content marketing is one of the top ways to market your brand especially when you are on a tight budget. A good starting point is launching your blog. Blogs present a remarkable way to reach your audience and build on organic traffic. You can also use your blog to answer customer questions and attract leads. Every post you publish on your blog allows you to connect with your customers and promote your products or services. You can also strengthen content partnerships by guest blogging on other sites and accepting guest submissions on your blog.

Produce your podcasts

Another cost-effective way of reaching your audience is through podcasting. When you implement a podcasting strategy, you will diversify your content marketing plan. You can go ahead to repurpose old blog content into podcast topics and promote them through your owned media channels. Having your podcasts will help in getting you loyal followers and ultimately you can promote your products through the same.

Offer free trials

While this seems like a corporate or financial decision, offering a free trial presents one of the best marketing tactics you can implement. When you offer a free trial, it helps in building trust with your customers and improving your brand recognition. It is never a bad idea to let your customers have one foot into your products to experience how amazing the products can be. If you pamper them well, they will never want to leave.

Arrange collaborative giveaways

When you want to tap into someone else’s audience to market your products, there is nothing that should stop you from achieving the same. One strategy you can implement is to roll out collaborative giveaways. These giveaways should be quite helpful and enticing to your potential customers, while at the same time making a lot of strategic business sense. Collaborative giveaways help in improving brand reputation and reaching a new audience who present a very good chance to convert to customers.

Dominate social media presence

Social media continues to be a very prevalent marketing tactic for any company. It is one of the leading platforms where new products get launched. Additionally, it is free to get started and build your online community. To have true domination on social media, you can make full use of your posts, live video, and stories to talk about your company’s culture and encourage user generated content, to interact with your audience, and build your brand.






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