5 Top Activities to Do at Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

KitchIf you are creating a bucket list focusing on incredible things to do in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, then this article is precisely for you. Michigan has incredible places for exploration especially if you love adventure.  From hidden lakes, coursing waterfalls, scenic drives and small towns- full of lively people-that bring up the pure Michigan fun. Upper Peninsula is however quite wide and it can take you more than a day to drive from one corner to the other. So, if you are a vacation to Michigan, below are a few highlights to make your stay there worthwhile.

Visit The Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a dream destination for most travelers who love history and architecture. Throughout your stay at the island, you will not only experience the community’s history at the museums, but also get a chance to explore the natural beauty of the Mackinac Island’s parks, taste their diverse cuisines and enjoy the Island’s nightlife. There are also a myriad of boating tours, kayaking, golfing and horse riding. You should however bear in mind that, driving on the island is not allowed; but worry not, there are hundreds of bikes to rent including the Fat Tire Bikes

Climb a light house

Michigan has a total of 40 lighthouses standing guard over the stretching waters. Among the popular light houses is the square shaped Peninsula Point tower which mostly attracts butterfly watchers during the fall. You can also climb the 72 stepped Point Iroquois Lighthouse that leads to the lantern deck and the wooden walkaway to the beach.

Hike and take nature trails

If you are an outdoor and nature lover, then the many trails in Michigan will leave you yearning for another vacation in the land. The Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is the largest park in Michigan with a total of 90 miles of trails. The nature trails lead to waterfalls, mountain views and rustic campsites. Who wouldn’t adore such scenic beauty?

Take a boat tour

Sightseeing at the comfort of a boat, is incredibly fun. Picture this; cruising through the locks, past fireworks and light houses, beside cliffs and waterfalls and most interestingly a chance to see shipwrecks through glass viewing wells. Isn’t it simply breathtaking?

Go for wader fishing

Michigan is surrounded by water and therefore taking a fishing spree before leaving the city is worthwhile. However, ensure that you get yourself a waterproof and durable camera- because yes, you will need to keep the memories. A decent pair of waders can also come in handy for that fisherman look- even though you might end up catching nothing.

In a nutshell, Michigan is a mix of stunning scenery, classy comforts with plenty of fun activities to do all year round.  Coupled by the diverse cuisines and great local brews, Michigan makes it an ideal destination both in winter and summer. So, forget anything negative you have ever heard about Michigan and take a trip to this ‘coastal dream town’’


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